For purists and simplicity lovers everywhere. This remarkable, architect* designed home, of clean beamed right angles, textured brick, internal courtyard floor plan and lightest of light updating will have a lot of you planning your escape to the capital. If the photos don’t immediately draw you in (which is doubtful) let us use the words of the owner James – a long standing Modernist Australian;

“In my view the house is a marvelous example of simple, functional, light filled living. Unpretentious but sophisticated in its proportions and visually engaging in its subtly flowing horizontal lines.  Wonderful floor to ceiling height doors emphasize an airiness along with multiple windows letting sunlight in throughout the day.  The internal courtyard is both intriguing and revealing allowing both complete privacy from the outside as well as multiple internal vantage points through the house – especially appealing at night.”

Indeed. We can feel those long, window-lit courtyard nights from here. Get onto this Canberra Mods, you know we totally would.

*Hancock Courtney & Renfree