Max Dupain, Swimming Pool, Rickard House I
Cover image –┬áMax Dupain, Exterior Perspective, Curry House II

For those who came in late – we need to note immediately that the sensational Kickstarter project to have the archive of Sydney School, Modernist Australian architect Bruce Rickard (1929 -2010) published into a complete tome has reached its goal and there is only one more day to get on board and secure yourself a slice of printed Australian architectural history. And what a book! Never publicly seen plans, sketches, written perspectives from former clients, academics and colleagues (perhaps best of all) glorious Max Dupain photography to send you a spin of pure joy at one of our great unsung architectural legacies which evolved as a response to our own unique environment and climate.


Bruce Rickard, Sketch Design Floor Plan, Evatt House

This Kickstarter project is the hard work of Cracknell & Lonergan Architects, who maintain a close relationship with the Rickard family and hold the physical archive of his 60 year long and much lauded career, so we know this project is certainly in accomplished and anointed hands. Get your copy and support our Australian MCM history right here, right now!