Steven Coverdale* has sounded the bell, so gather around people and bear witness to this – one of those handful-a-year properties in which all sense of decorum flies away and one starts pacing, perspiring, heavy breathing and plotting. What looks to be an original 5 bedder, with pool and stunning tree coverage (on 1 acre actually) in the inexplicably high-finance hills of Donny and built round 1969 this is a dreamscape for lovers, like us, who revere Graeme Gunn and his gumnut solid forays of later stage, Australian Modernist living. Coverdale in his assessment suggests the influence of Ken Woolly and we’d agree, though that sublime fireplace/living room reminds us immediately of another Melbourne beloved, the heritage listed Godsell House *sigh*. Though all this having been said and all this monumental gorgeousness before our very eyes does not negate this home’s vulnerability. Donvale has more than its fair share of self styled, cashed up, amoral wankers who’d sooner see this demolished or ‘renovated’ for some impersonal flip gain, much like this nearby Chancellor and Patrick tragedy we highlighted earlier this year. So we’d like to make this clear right now – anyone who even thinks of such actions, let alone tries to execute them be warned; we’ll come for you in the night and not in the good way. This this home is pure untouchable and deserves nothing less than humble adoration.

*We’d like to credit Steven for post floor plan historical images, by Peter Wille.