When we listed a highly coveted, fully renovated residence in Hotham St Elsternwick, a few months back we just knew it would fall into some appreciative hands; “…its future as a abode for some cool cat, MCM diehards seems assured”. Well, those cool cats in question were kind enough to confirm as such with this lovely, and rather envy inducing, note to MA;

“Wanted to thank you for your great website/blog and let you know that last month we purchased 233 Hotham Street Elsternwick that we only found because of your story.  We weren’t looking at that side of town but couldn’t resist that house!…….Over the years my partner and I have been buying mid century furniture for our 1880’s Surry Hills terrace so quite a mismatch so we’re very excited to move into our new home later this year.”

Meanwhile down in Capel Sound (a hitherto unknown to us Peninsula pocket between Rye and The Bud) a true act of salvation has taken place. Without a doubt this classic 60s beach house was a dead cert for the chop, as its sales pitch was one based on nothing but ‘wealth creation’ and planning approval for the most putrid of bog-standard townhouses (honestly, how did such a hideous ‘design’ become so ubiquitous?). But wait! Interior designer Rhiannon (and carpenter husband) spotted the roof of this down-at-heel offering and, like the matinee hero dashing in to untie the maiden from the train tracks, swept in, scooped up this property and are now planning for the long but rewarding journey of a complete, sympathetic renovation. Double hooray! Deserving of confetti and medals all round!