And the working week concludes with a bang! A commanding 1960s residence on a spread so painfully Melbourne it wears scarves in April, prefers magics over 3/4 quarters at their local cafe and is a (full) MMC member. What starts out as a lovely and unassuming brick n’ timber, flat-roofed, carported house from the road, opens up to a riverside wonderland surrounded on 3 sides by parkland and Yarra, with 100% northern aspect captured in full by classic Mid-Century floor to ceiling windows (none of that nu-mansion, Gold Coast, medical centre, smoke tint thanks) interrupted only by clean rectangular brickwork including that 2-storey fireplace (oooh to the fainting couch quick!). Inside the meddling has been kept to a minimum (though someone just couldn’t help themselves with the marble could they?) and presents a perfect 50 year old floor plan which in true form is big enough for entertaining, kids running amuck and wine collections, but paying no head to such contemporary trappings of uselessness like extraneous ensuites, butler’s pantries, home gyms and guest quarters which never see any action. The perfect pad of sweeping nature and refined, unfussy spaces, inside and out, to enjoy it from.