‘Thomas House’, 27 Mariemont Avenue Beaumaris. Chancellor & Patrick Architects. 1960. Status; recently sold, very endangered. Image from Beaumaris Modern.

The Melbourne bayside ‘burb of Beaumaris has always has a small but intense collective of MCM soldiers to protect its rich but at-risk vein of architect designed residences built between the 1940s – 1980s. In keeping with last week’s watershed moment where it seems the entire country raised their voices, formal council objections, blogs posts, news articles, tweets and social media commentary in support of Kagan’s Lind House just over the way in the City of Glen Eira, we would like to give a shout of the Beaumaris Modern who are mobilising and taking their preservation and appreciation efforts to the next level. We were going to suggest that all those in the Bayside area (or greater Melbourne) especially newbies who are not quite sure what they know, but know what they like in the MCM homes they may spot on the street or in the homes mags, to come on down to the first celebration and open house from Beaumaris Modern. This is the first of many new adventures BM are undertaking to raise the architectural profile of their beautiful area, and attempt to open more eyes to the residential treasures in their midst;

“Join Beaumaris Modern for a night of ‘oohing’ and ‘aaahing’ over some of the most stunning examples of mid-century modernist exteriors, interiors & gardens in Beaumaris. With an introduction by special guest Tim Ross of Streets of Your Town (TV series) and Modernister Films fame, our inagural event promises to be a showstopper.Doors open 7.30pm. After the ‘slide show’, stick around to enjoy a drink & a chat with like minded, passionate mid-century fans.”

Now, we say ‘were going to suggest’ because this event with capacity for over 100 people, has sold out in days! There is no more room at the inn for interested parties – proof enough that the love of MCM and the desire to celebrate and protect it grows daily. Of course there will be more funtimes planned by Beaumaris Modern in the future, so we’d suggest you show your support by getting on board via their FB or Intsa – and make sure you don’t miss out on the next extravaganza.