A little tidbit from the social pages yesterday had our interest, so much so we’d thought we’d share. It began with a tale of lament on this wonderful Australian MCM furniture page (we’d highly recommend for any furniture queries you may have). One reader, Sylvia, found some chairs in Northern Qld (Innisfail to be exact) on Gumtree which she missed out on purchasing. What looked to be maybe something special was actually a set of six original, c.1964, blue velvet Featherston Scape chairs in immaculate condition. In a market where these chairs can retail for over $3000 a pop, these six were being offloaded in a homestead clearance for $200 each! (see the real estate listing here – a country ripper!). Suffice to say within hours the whole lot was snapped up and we wonder if they might not turn up in some Brissy retro shop before the Spring.



Now we can extend this post with discussions around the idea of knowingly buying an item from a seller who may be ignorant to a true market value (though we gather this seller was contacted and advised at the time). We could also diverge into the veracity of the second-hand MCM furniture market  – proficient hunters scanning real estate listings to find their next kill. We have seen it often enough in the metro areas and it can provoke some ire among a sector of Modernist Australians, however when we have also witnessed beautiful Parker Chairs left out for the hard rubbish and bespoke joinery cut up and chucked in skips during yet another soul crushing demolition – give us some loved and restored pieces of history in a swank shop any day of the week and twice on Sundays. Indeed the whole MCM movement would not have the cachet and growing sway it does without the initial tastemaker furniture dealers setting the course. So here’s to discoveries, the treasures and the ceaseless prowl. There is still gold in them thar hills, you just have to be quick!