A brilliant bombshell has hit the sphere of Australian Modernist preservation this afternoon. A megaton of court ruling which, when it landed and exploded, rained hope, celebration, encouragement and lifeforce to everyone across the nation fighting their own little heritage and preservation battles. We speak once again of the Sirius Building. For those not up to speed we say take a look at our earlier dispatches (and here and here) as onlookers from another state firmly supporting those who undertake the real grit to save this Sydney Brutalist icon and its origins as harbour side public housing, most notably the Save Our Sirius Foundation. To wit – everyone, but everyone, in the know (and the thousands more who just love it in their lives and movements) said this concrete construction of incredible architectural, social and historical standing was worthy of some form of heritage protection. Everyone that is, but the Heritage Minister himself (insert snort here) who couldn’t see any of this for the dollar signs in his eyes and the circling developers pitching woo with dinners and furs. No matter. The man in the wig has slammed his gavel and declared, for now, that ignoring this heritage value is ludicrous. The minister is wrong. That government coffers and the personal peccadilloes of a one temporary public servant should not dictate the life or death of such landmark architecture. That $50,000 fundraised from nothing to bring this matter to court is not to be sneezed at and is but one of many examples to bring weight to the idea that preservation of this landmark is a must. Now, we were not born yesterday and we know the fight is not over for Sirius or its place on the water as a home for non-millionaires. Those battles shall continue on. There will be regrouping required, skills to be shared and energy to be revitalised in the weeks and months to come but tonight – as they say – we party!