We vaguely recall seeing this house on the market 6 moths ago and, perhaps resigned to it’s inevitable fate of demolition, decided not to post it. But what’s this? Is the worm turning in the Heights, where so much smash and sub-divide is taking place, are we seeing a little subset of MCM homes being saved? Surely if the outrageous bun-fight which ensured over the wonderful 10 Kerriemuir (literally 3 doors down) last month, which saw heaps of peeps duke it out and finally buy for $745k (when the suburb medium is around $430k) is anything to go buy, the recognised value of these homes standing, might be rising. It’s even more heartening to see a house which is not the greatest example of 60s Modernism (in even that regional street) receive a loving hand and and brand new chance to shine. Kudos to the renovation man Scott, who states “I have a bit of a passion for saving 60s houses”. A bloke who is nousey enough to know when to leave well enough alone (that bathroom sink and that glorious kitchen – yes!) and when to alter to capture to a new market of buyers. We can’t wait to see his next endeavour.