A great little pad in a great little complex*. Known as the ‘The Campbell Housing Apartments’ and completed in 1968, this particularly innovative set of 32 apartments and 32 attached houses is the work of Harry Seidler and was initially commissioned by ANU to house post-grad students and their families, though now of course the free market has claimed them and they sit under body corporate.
Integral to the design is the use of split levels as the architect himself supposedly claimed they ‘expanded horizontal space by offsetting two floor levels’ making for roomy and orderly, though never boring, residences. As ACT Heritage Council put in their Statement of Heritage Significance;
“The Campbell Housing Apartments are of heritage significance as a notable example of a residential apartment complex, designed by Harry Seidler and based on the 1950s European housing projects by the famous pioneer of the Modern Movement, Le Corbusier. The apartments are important for their planning layout which includes an internal central corridor providing access to split-level apartments.”
And although the interior of this particular one is a little run-of-the-mill, simply living in such well devised high density housing would be a quiet joy.

*Career pollies who would like to claim another ‘living-away allowance’ offset in their spouses name, need not apply.

**UPDATE** Polly Seilder herself has contacted us to advise of certain changes to this building as follows “

“…only the balcony rail + part layout is Seidler……… new creation of laundry (which was originally walk-wardrobe off bedroom 2) + side of living room opposite balcony all new. completely new interior fit out -nothing Seidler in it at all.  Exterior cloth canopy is new …… the whole apartment complex was painted alternative black and white  – when it should be all white!”