Incredible. Though really if we go down this route we are going to run out of superlatives. An architect’s own home from the mid 1960s, remaining in the family until now. The architect in question? Jean Fombertaux, who is only getting some due recognition presently thanks to the current Modernist program at the Sydney Museum. The residence constructed in 1966, one of the first in the country with an expressed steel frame. Its cubed form of lines, flat panels of pre-cast concrete alternating with large glazed sections, takes cues from the minimal Modernists of Europe dovetailing with the harmonic warmth of Japanese spatial aesthetics and pared back materials; screened levels, sunken spaces, metal columns and a breathtaking use of platforms throughout three running storeys. Not to leave out the house’s placement within the steep site, hanging out over the bushland with perfect orientation and wonderful incorporation of exposed boulders. Really a home deserving of a permanent place in the mind’s eye when one hears the words ‘Best. Examples. of. Australian. Mid-Century. Modernism’. For this is not only a discovery for most of us, but undoubtably a jewel in the architectural canon of the nation. A domestic building to be seen and studied and loved and lived in by only those with the most pure of intentions.