Thanks to Alison Alexander for turning up this mysterious and grand Frankston beauty. One quick burl on the Googs suggests that this sale may be something the vendor wants to pursue under the radar. The first listing for this property categorised as a ‘residential land sale’ has now been removed. The second listing on the misdirects with a plethora of incorrect info (yeah, this isn’t a 3 bedroom one bathroom house guys – you advertise it with a photo of an entire wall of bathroom cubicles for starters). There is no sales blurb, no agent (thought the photos claim one), no info on the architect, not much at all really. Over on Domain it has no listing per se (see the link at the bottom) but at least gives us the basics : “26 Bangor Drive, Frankston VIC 3199 is a House, with 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 3 parking spaces. It is on a block of land that is 2109 square metres.” And there, my friends is the heart of the deal – half an acre of primo land with views up the bay, worth millions. This might explain the abysmal photographs which, try as they may, still cannot conceal the gasping wonder of this MCM residence. The parquetry, clean lines, the levels and even that beautiful Norfolk Pine out front all signpost this as a home which does not deserve to be sold, demolished and carved up on the down-low. Spread the word.