Props to ever-roaming MCM renovation magician Alistair over at Secret Design Studio for the heads up on this gobsmaking beauty which is guaranteed to set off fans left and right and with good reason – there is nothing more elementally Mid-Century Modern in the Southern California tradition than this right now. Situated in The ‘Gong with a climate to compare to L.A, this low-slung expanse of glazing, solid brick, breezeway and stone feature walls (oh those walls), seamlessly placed in its sloping site and without a single unused space (who wants a stupid big house when you can have a cool, pragmatic one?) not to mention the interior tile work and recessed display shelves boasts loudly and proudly of its era and it will be an absolute travesty if some new owner keeps the lines, but destroy these very idiosyncratic 60s touches which really make it sing. No, someone needs to take it in their joyfully wild clutches and run with, filling it with their period MCM pieces, de-cottaging the kitchen (and bathroom cabinets) and if they’re really dedicated, throwing in a kidney shaped pool in that backyard.