A lovely Mid-Century complex (a veritableĀ Palm Springs treat from the street), with all the persona of primo Newtown; classic, uptown and elegant (and the full Protestant box with the Poets-of-Great-Britain naming convention too). That said it presents an interesting twin opportunity here to perhaps more experimental, Modernist (or is that Post Modern) concepts of living. Are you, for example, a bona fide couple who still prefer separate bedrooms or homes? Do you have older kids or are couple of mates who could do the same? Do you get into the whole ‘small homes’ movement? Are you married to your work instead and would like you office 10 steps from your apartment? Or perhaps have a regular visitor you’d like to welcome with their own space? Or maybe, you are plotting a posse-nursing-home-co-op scenario – each party buying up a place (you can share the nursing costs and the self-driving bus to the pub/bowls/the movies when the time comes), because we’ve listed a couple of similar properties before and in these uncertain times it would be comforting to have somewhere nice to look forward to, a beautiful, simple, central compound go senile in together.