Wowee! Not only one of the best QLD postings we’ve have in a long time* but it so happens it was the childhood home of a personal MA buddy. Once housing a big, boisterous family in the 70s and 80s, this is a classic 4 bedder (with pool) of still awesome exterior features (though the interior has seen a little messing) and true Don’s Party heritage. To wit: a series of musings and descriptions (of no more than 50 characters) from former child resident, to set the heady scene:

Mates of mum n dad built it / parents bought it off them / slate entrance which I think is still there / did have a full size pool table on the lower level / orange ‘pig hair’ carpet tiles in the family room / much more brown all round back in the day / not so much ‘feature walls’ as there is now / when we were there it was the last house in the street with bush all around / used to climb in the roof when thunderstorms were coming in and then jump in the pool / had a bike race track circuit that went down the driveway thru the courtyard and up the front entrance path / we used to arrive home from school with wild pigs around the pool / some crazy parties the folks n then kids had / classic 70’s………..


 *Architect – Russell Gibbins