Petitt & Sevitt project homes are usually spotted in the bush hills of Sydney, looking for the most part like the mission brown beamed and white walled original gems that they are (like this gorgeous little rental for instance). Today’s example however is a bit more on the epic side of things. In the secretly high-end ‘burg of South Franga, home to many jaw-Mid-Century sprawlers, this one sits pride of place in its own compound of joy and although it’s had a white out, tack on and marble up and diverges from the gumnuttiness of it’s Sydney origins, it is still a inspiringly straightforward and light home.

Note – For more P&S love, and in keeping with the growing movement to celebrate and preserve MCM homes in this country (hooray!), take a look at a rather new ‘Pettit and Sevitt Owners and Friends Club’ on Facebook.

PS – The agents might want to note that not long departed Ken Woolly (vale) was an actual person.