Who of you, though Aussie true and true, still hold a little candle for that most exotic from of Western architecture in these climes; that of the Northern Euro chalet? Who of you, amid the cocky calls and buzzing cicadas doesn’t long for some raw pine, stone fireplaced and pitch-roofed surrounds to take it all in? Well Great Mackerel Beach, Batman! Looky what we have here! Just the very thing. Apparently mates of Jorn Utzon built the place in the early 1960s (and Mr Opera House himself was very impressed – we think it’s the Dansk red which really sealed the deal) and is now first time for sale – minty as a $10 bill. What an initially┬áincongruous but we think gorgeously successful little marriage of snow heritage, beach location and Mid-Century design. If you have the means (and a golf cart?!) get on it.