In an attempt to deal with the springtime listings overload we’re going to present a week of twins. Two listings per day, of a loose theme to cover some different areas of today’s MCM housing on offer throughout the country.
Today is all about small apartments in central, upmarket Melbourne – Toorak – to be precise. Two properties to address either the classic mid-century urban desire of laying down your laptop and head after a long day in the CBD or alternatively a progressive home for the more┬áconscientious thinker in this overblown consumer-driven world. Past or future – both easily addressed by timeless Modernist architecture.

Firstly this 2 bedder. Though looking almost run-of-the-mill Australian in its 60s suburban block facade, it reveals inside not only beautiful feature brickwork and internationalist flavoured, aluminium framed, floor to ceiling windows but a contemporary do-over from a mind of one of Melbourne’s leading architect firms (the vendor). This marriage of classic apartment Modernism and current renovation ideas, especially pertaining to sleeping and dining spaces, makes for a ripper little option whatever your immediate needs.