Aido, mate, love the enthusiasm but if you think this is a California Bungalow then you may need the fire up the Googs. For what in fact you have on your hands here is a damn resplendent example of Australian suburban, architect designed, possibly project home, Mid-Century Modernism. In the tradition of your Pettit & Sevitts or Fasham Johnsons. Reckon you might wanna change up that title because, as much as CB’s have their fans, they ain’t nuthin’ on the increasing crowd of rabid MCM cultists whose fires we (and many other social pages) stoke on a daily basis. You wanna have people falling over themselves for that elegant, low-slung frontage? That gorgeous entry? The genius simplicity of spaces, beams and natural texture palette? Then recalibrate that pitch a tad and let’s see what happens.