A number of you have alerted us to this lovely residence, a warm brick and beamer by everyone’s favourite non-architect, Alistair Knox and only one of three apparently in this suburb (which is usually the locale for earlier era MCM gems rather than bushland babies like this) and of these messages has stood out – from Emma, who grew up here and like so many of you out there has parent’s farewelling the long-held family and does not want to see it fall, as she writes;

“My parents have listed this house, which they bought off the original owner (the brother of Peter Jackson, of suit fame) 20 years ago. This house has so much scope with beautiful bones. 7 children grew up in the 3 bedroom house (the 5 boys had the large bedroom at the end), and the backyard was used to learn to drive………….We really want the house to be saved from the wrecking ball…”

(Who doesn’t love a little local celebrity colour!) But we need to act fast – this home goes for auction tomorrow, we sincerely hope there may indeed be a new family waiting in the wings already, ready to pounce and Knox it up for another few decades.