We must make note at this juncture, and for all the whining and exasperation that they warrant here, that real estate agents are coming aboard the MCM train in welcome droves. Many, many agents are now (to use some blatant appropriation) ”woke’ to ideas of preservation, build quality, design ethos and historical value which only a couple of years ago would never get a guernsey in a sale pitch, let alone be considered a factor which may actually increase the selling price. Take this beauty. Though being dealt with by a niche property business who are a little more discerning about the aforementioned attributes, it is nonetheless getting the royal treatment. Historical photos, praise for it’s Mid-Centuryish style (a rather lovely mashup of Mod staples with a rotund Deco facade), its enduring age, build quality and the immediate livability of its resplendent condition are all covered. This is a textbook example of the emerging marriage between market and Mid-Century Modernism we have always hoped to see become mainstream.