Several concerned people out there have kindly let us know of this little gem. A last bastion of metro, riverside paradise complete with soaring eucalypts, birdsong and remnant Sydney bohemia in the form of the early 50s, architect designed home of artist Lindsay Server (which the agents refer to just once as ‘easy to knock down’). Carefully constructed of solid hewn sandstone with timber detailing, it appeared on the front cover of a 1954 House and Garden and we’ve even received testimony to the tranquility and beauty of staying here first hand. No matter. Plans* are approved. The sales campaign rolls on and no one has yet managed to halt its fall into oblivion. The only chance for this paradise is someone with the finances and good noggin to know that 1/2 acre of inner city bush and a gorgeous little nest within has a worth both outlasting this current market boom and immeasurable to the soul.


*Though we’re not quite sure if that malignant canker resembling a failed ski development in arse-end Canada pictured actually counts as ‘plans’