A long, languorous dream. A cascade of reminiscence, pinecone smoke, salt and sunflare. That main image – a Big Sur-ish echo of soaring trees and timber with lights reflected (goddamn your emotionally manipulating image filters). The cosy construction – a typical late 60s beach cottage, perhaps a project home, more staunch than the fibro variation with its unadorned brick, tiles, wood and beautiful walls of glazing. The overriding promise of sleepy beach towns still out there with more remaining tree cover than subdivision. A time stasis; unconcerned with the bang and buy of contemporary life, where you can focus on far more important matters like lazy bike rides, morning swims, a good cuppa and a quiet read in the sun. With all of this a humble house reaches deep inside and pulls at our very soul. Rarefied Gippsland gold and we already envious of the new owners whomever they may be.