Cheekily slipping in a bit of ACT into our regional focus this week, but with all the talk in Canberra being nothing but the Country Party and the price of beetroots we say why not? (BTW the whole New England region has lost it’s mind in more ways than one) And really we simply couldn’t wait to post it, it’s gonna drive some of you insane with desire.
Starting from the street it presents like a Palm Springs dream; genuine, late 50s, architect built MCM, sophisticated as they come (just to walk through an entry court/carport such as this one has us salivating). Upon entering we find clean, contemporary spaces where we guess a refurb/extension has recently taken place incorporating the predicable blanc palette and down-lights, but all-in-all complementary to the original tone. Out back the newer sections(?) and sensational landscaping do a splendid job of enhancing the Modern ideals conveyed – sunny, inside/outside living, practical and elegant, presenting a wholeness to a residence whose sections were built perhaps 50 years apart (though even that assertion itself is hard to confirm*) and overall reinforces just how advanced the original design really was and remains. Get your applications in.

*Confirmed! This new (and award winning) extension done in 2016 was done by Ben Walker architects. Bravo people!