Hold on to your inner-city clichés Melbourne hipsters ‘cos we’re flogging them all in praise of this tantalising plot of Mid-Century magic in your ground zero – three houses from Merri Creek and on the south side of Bell St. A mere bike ride from Ceres, Pedimontes and your weekly graveyard show focusing on screamo-afro-dream pop at 3PBS, this well preserved, 1960s palace lets you spread out and really get that urban orchard/beekeeping collective happening! Write your next grant application on that spacious balcony with northerly views. Pontificate about the Greens Vs Labor over a smooth organic pino or ristretto in that wonderous backyard, while your partner toils over their gin still/loom/new sound project in the back workshop. Take your non-gender specifically raised precious ones (doggo or human) down to the creek for a Sunday tai chi sesh. Or – far more likely – bitch about how the inner city was so much better when the Pram Factory was open, you subsisted on $3 bowls of Tiamo spag matriciana and Gough’s legacy still hung in the air because – let’s face it – you’d have to be from that era, have parents who are or have won that 55 mil at Sparkly Bear lotto to afford this now very expensive bohemian enclave.