All due respect Taswegians but W T actual F?! This is most certainly in the top 5, possibly top 3 homes, we’ve ever listed in your state. The kind of genuine Mid-Century Modern house people drool, share and comment over endlessly when it’s Wowhausing in Boise, Idaho or the West Midlands and yet here is our version: empty and in the middle of nowhere Cressy (well come to think of it maybe that is the Aussie equivalent). This house bares all the hallmarks of a cultivated taste, a daring mind and high-end craftsmanship; that courtyard alone has us hyperventilating, so lets not linger too long on the floor to ceiling glazing, cork flooring, tile, joinery, epic horizontal stature or that wallpaper (oh the wallpaper!) lest we blackout. Piled upon this already┬áincongruous scene is the wobbly rental-property shots and pitch – Pets! A free week’s rent! Near the bus stop! All very practical and admittedly very handy in rural locales but when you consider how this masterpiece sitting in Hobart would set off a bunfight of prospective tenants (and we dare say a few people offering to buy) let alone the mainland where the claws would be out and snatching before first viewing all we can do is chuckle, shake our heads and guess at how it all came about.

ps – Muchas gracias to Mark for spotting this – a stalwart of the apple Isle, if ever there was.