We have been so inundated with homes right now that there have been a few absolute corkers we’ve have neglected to put up upon first sighting, this was one. Sold over the weekend it had our heart leaping out of our throats when spotted weeks ago, though the location was a little surprising. Seems Lara (AKA Dunt) has a few serious gems hidden amid it’s rural outpost-cum-nusprawl paddocks after all and this is very intriguing –  not some merge, retro-tinged cutiepie but rather a split level, north orientated, zoned living residence of sophisticated lines, interesting material choices and clearly the work of a very progressive, mid-60s architect – but who could that be? Well, now we’ll maybe not know. Let’s just hope it sails on under the radar and isn’t subjected to too much over-zealous DIY action,  it is far more deserving than that.

And what a serendipitously insane confluence of design, location and desire has led to this home being snapped up by some serious devotees of Post War Japanese and MCM architecture, who live and work locally and now having secured this beauty have funds left to embark on a sympathetic, architect-led renovation! Huzzah no better outcome could we have wished for. Take it away Tyrone:

“We had been looking for an ½-1 acre of land to build a Japanese modernist style (think Tange or Kurokawa) as my wife is Japanese, and we have an absolute love of Japanese Metabolism (1959-1975) and mid-century modern Australian styles……Unfortunately, good land with views of the YouYangs (where I work) is fast being gobbled up in Lara for building of oversized McMansions and faux-colonial monstrosities…………We were alerted a few days before the auction by a friend who knew our desire………..We fell in love with it straightaway, but the price of development land (essentially it is 4 modern lots) made us sceptical we would prevail….however, we persisted ……..we were only serious bidder ..….leaving funds for it’s sensitive restoration and alteration to suit our needs….We could not believe its style for Lara, and speaking to the 88yo owner’s son, it was originally built  in the late 60’s by a prominent Melbourne Architect whose name he could not recall (the son believes he can give us the original plans and documents)……Once we get all these with settlement I would be more than happy to share the Architect details and some more history on the house……….”