There’s no school like the ol’ Sydney School and anyone partial to this particular form of late stage Modernism, those who love a touch of the hand hewn and texture are in for some joy. An earlier work of one of this country’s pre-eminent architects Philip Cox, this c.1972  elegant residence with it’s painted brick, timber and tiled surfaces laid out in a plan where shared living and northern orientation is paramount, expresses an almost rural-flavoured simplicity. A refuge of the essential, smack bang in a city which, like most, is obsessed with the dogged pursuit of show and status. And there is no better example of this prevailing Modernist attitude than the street frontage – a single garage door surrounded by trees, not for us the bloated porticos, counterfeit fairytale gates and bombastic driveways which signpost the empty grandeur of new breed mansions, nup, this home is not ‘trendy’ but rather expertly and beautifully embraces privacy, simplicity and integrity.