A great street to have the hipsters swooning (hey, even the agent is a big beardy!) and most of us smiling at the elegance that once was the typical Aussie flat (50 years ago that is). No nasty, cheap flammable panels, no dystopian life of anonymous, hard surface, over lit entry and exits and no windowless 2 x 3m pits of despair dubbed ‘bedrooms’ in so many off-the-plan investorĀ opportunities which rise incessantly over the 2km CBD radius. No. This darling of brick, greenery and space allows the resident a life of fresh air, sunlight, movement, cheer (the present owner advises us that she hasn’t changed a thing, including those sunny kitchen blinds) and even whimsy – curly iron security FTW! Who couldn’t see themselves here? Too central, too original and all together too perfect to decline.