Although drowning in so many spectacular listings right now, we do relish the opportunity to showcase the best, the most humble and the all the save-worthy variations of MCM homes across the country (hey, that’s why we’re here) and we really couldn’t find the hidden gems without the help of all of you out there. So please know, we love every home we receive in whatever method they come, and can only apologise if what you’ve sent us hasn’t been posted, yet (or we haven’t replied to your email).
Take this one, down the road from a dear reader who has always suspected a little oasis behind that nondescript frontage, and he was right. His dispatch notes:  the home has only had one owner, is in lovely condition (though admittedly that updated kitchen could go) and the open house last week was populated by non Modernist Australians read: we could possibly lose a stunningly simple U-shaped home of delicious grey brick, parquetry and walls of glass to some nasty McMansion without much ado. Well, that does not sit well with us at all. So paging South Australians (or those eyeing off the move to Adelaide) here is a bona fide beauty, solid yet sophisticated, ready to roll and with room for fun cosmetic changes. Show yourselves and take what is rightfully yours.