The cavalcade of resplendent sympathetic renovations rolls on with this fresh-as-a-daisy do-up in Canberra. According to the owners they bought it as a rather tired little home, marketed as a knock down, even though it is actually the work of the regions beloved MCM architects, Neville Ward (c.1965). As you can see knocking it down was not on the cards and the home has been spectacularly brought up to date with an attractive touch of white-washed, desert adobe┬áto go with the beautifully renewed gardens and sleek mid 60s lines. Double points for making doggy and even a garden shed look chic. In updating this home, for the most part cosmetically, there is a lot here to grab the attention of those who are more contemporary snazz than Modernists at heart but this only reaffirms the timelessness of the integral design and features – for the simple enjoyment of the elements which make our earthly realm; light, air, warmth, textures and fragrance never really goes out of style.