One out of the box, well perhaps two boxes? A ‘gentleman’s’ compound made up of conjoined, double story townhouses with shared pool, garage and ‘servants quarters (I mean, one cannot expect city playboys bivouacking in the gilded boroughs of Sydney to know how to make a bed and prepare eggs for guests now can we?). Indeed the entire home drips with the condensation a hot-climate, genteel privilege to an extent that one may imagine in sipping New Year sundowners by the pool one was actually in pre-war Singapore. That said the MCM aspects are strong here: the nondescript, almost secret entry, the straight up and down, rectangular build, northern orientation and beautiful iron balustrading . And in lieu of transforming it into a single home (easily done) or even *gasp* getting it heritage listed (we think there’s a case here) we’d otherwise recommend to capitalise on this 1%er aura by converting the entire complex to attract the new era of global nomad elitists in our midsts; the ones with the breeding and financial backing to latch onto this emerging lifestyle of glamour rootlessness. If only, for us, to keep these gorgeous and rather unique buildings intact. Eeek!