Hooray for Iwanoff! The master pops up yet again, this time in the form of his lesser known, but typically hog-wild commission in white – ‘Tomich House’ (c.1971). Though we are crying out for even a small peep at the interiors, we’ll have to make do with externals presenting us with a landed castle spacecraft of time-slipped Mayan aliens. Wowee!  Presently the home of Fashion doyen Liz Davenport (maybe the reason for lack on inside shots?) it was bought upon first stepping foot inside, like so many other brilliant examples of Mid-Century mastery, just one walk through and it had to be theirs.Similarly she explains it’s easy cleanability – what skill to create a statement residence all together practical enough to not require a cleaner yet bold enough to turn every passing head. We can only imagine the kind of fever-dream awaits one lucky new owner inside, and wish them happy travels in their own satisfyingly standout Iwanoff craft.