What we have today is a textbook example of the avaricious wastefulness that taints our real estate and housing market. We absolutely plead the case for medium density housing, intricately planned for and architecturally designed, in all middle ring suburbs if our metro centers are going to continue to be livable. However, let us not confuse that pressing necessity with locating a flawlessly constructed family home which has stood the test of modern times and seek to destroy it in some scorched earth, wealth creation scheme AKA ‘development potential’. This house is obviously the work of an (as yet nameless) architect with a progressively commanding foresight which makes this 45 year old(?) home seem all at once new and classic. It is constructed with a timeless materials which capture high- end taste makers again and again; limed timber ceilings, clifton grey brickwork, earthy tile, spaces of simple and natural elegance. It also looks to be in incredible condition (kudos to the owners) however we fear that this will still not be enough and the damning white line with measurements will be the focus here concluding with this residence (which would take literally millions of dollars to reproduce these days) ending up as dust in some shiny, white townhouse construction site.