To know MCM homes, is to know street frontage is generally not the indicator of a residence as a whole, that said it’s interesting how a tiny bit of ‘updating’ can change the face of a home and not for the better. That pink (or is it faded red?) vertical beams at the entry and cream garage door – the main points of reference from the street – could dissuade even an ardent seeker of Modern architecture from going any further, which would be a crying shame because inside is another story. With magnificent, original timber surfaces, exposed brick, split levels and splashes of tiles (and the kitchen) this home is a sensationally intact and gorgeous residence, deserving to be kept as is with only minimal and sympathetic renovation required. Though sadly it is these later 70s examples which more often than not get the chop in the from of obscene overblown remodelling, if not outright demolition. Time will tell us soon enough.