A brief chat today about real estate photography. We have any number of listings lined up for you, but darn it if we didn’t override them all for this property for only one reason – the images. This home is certainly a darling and unmistakably mid-century retro with some worthy aspects such as the timber paneling, kitchen joinery, anodized wall sconces and angled roof line, however what ultimately drives the desire here, in a savy move by the agents, is the use of photography which transforms this wreak into a dreamscape of contemplative, millennial wanderings. The masterful photos makes it easy for anyone see this as a beautiful home. The peeled paint, stained walls and dank carpet are not negatives but rather aching, suburban poetry set to entice the mind of the sympathetic buyer, banishing all thoughts of exhaustive labor and piling tradie bills. Perception is the reality. And this is the treatment all well conceived and built homes of a certain disrepair deserve (hell, we could really use this level of photography for the immaculate MCM homes on the market right now too). In essence (and with or without cynicism) it is this promotion of a building’s innate beauty and promise which brings more than just developers to the party but those who may put in the work to awaken good design, craftsmanship and materials (which would otherwise be skipped – in another example of our pitiful wastefulness) once more. Bravo people.