Sweeping onto the scene (with thanks to house hunter par excellence Graeme) is this commanding residence with a boldness and richness of features befitting its location. It also is getting a great rap from the agents who, though ‘woke’ as they seem to MCM appreciation, still claim that most homes in the 60s and 70s ‘severely lacked design variety’. Au contraire fellas – one only needs to look at your own aerial shot to see the juxtaposition of an entire court of promising looking flat roofed wonders such as this one, juxtaposed with the eaveless, gardenless, caesar-stoned, high-gloss white, poorly orientated, badly insulated, anti-designed ‘villas’ being excreted on block after demoralising block behind it. But we digress. This gorgeous home boasts not only wonderful expansive living (no floor plan though?***) and floor to ceiling glazing to make the most of such breezy spaces but also some serious wow-factor timber, stonework and spiral staircase with atrium and greenery which cries for an Eleanor LaGore number performed thereon stat! The Robin Boyd claim? We’re looking into it.* For as sensationally late 60s and architecturally devised as this building is – it also seems to have a heft of material not quite in line for Mr Boyd (though we could be perfectly wrong about that.) And really, when you’re living it up in such a pad who’s going to worry about it?

*Many thanks Simon Reeves (architectural detective) who has indeed revealed this house not to be on any record as a Robin Boyd creation, though nonetheless is an architectural commission – architect unnamed (see below) (c.1969) for one Mr Joshua Kolt, dental surgeon.

**Architect finally named! This home is the work of John F Tipping Architects, whose work we have well and truely profiled before!

***Thanks also to the indomitable Deborah who reminded us that the plan for this house are in the earlier listing.