Singular. The word gets bandied, not least by us, but when a home was designed, built, lived and worked in for the last 60 years by one person – then that is the correct term. Thelma Fisher a noted artist whose work pops up on any number of collector and auction house sites, was that person. Her life, her creative output and her desires feeding directly into the architecture of this gorgeous home and incredible rolling 2 acres of hillside gardens. Bearing the hallmarks of earlier Australian Modernism and reportedly built in the 40s (2 bedrooms – but of course!), this home of flowing spaces and immense walls of framed windows melds with the European trees and landscaping emitting a very distinct character: Australian yet with strong a Northern Hemisphere dreaming, a kind of mid-cenutry fairyland complete with of honey-stone house, dappled paths leading to a pond edged by tree ferns. A true life’s opus from a genuine artist.