A piece of Melbourne history has just popped up playing its chances on the market. With thanks to Steven at MCDA for the info This 1940s Robin Boyd which was subsequently updated twice more by the architect at the owners behest, now stands on the precipice. Not helping its case in the slightest is it’s location in Balwyn North, essentially the Azkaban for Mid-Century homes, as we’ve lost count how many were built there in the first place and have been destroyed in the past decade, perhaps more Australian MCM history lost than any other suburb in the country. Let us not dwell on that right now, but rather luxuriate in the classic Boyd lightness of build and progressive design prioritising the site. Let us remember that this home was built in a time before television, before rock and roll, when everyone wore hats and gloves and was called Smith or Jones or Harris that is to say this is the future as born in the olden days.