Not even a Rolex ad starring Daniel Craig smelling of cognac, cubans and cologne while Coltrane soars in the background could capture the high-end masculinity emanating from this honeytrap to end all honeytraps. Indeed it’s a very interesting angle to take with an interior revamp and a refreshing change from the usual skandi-white-handcrafted-plant-lady images filling Instagram feeds 24/7. Suffice to say this little studio pad (weekender? weeker? mistress? master?) is smack bang in Harry Seidler’s famous Aquarius Building which we have listed in various guises over the years, which only adds architectural heft to an already sophisticated take. The bespoke dark timber, chocolate tile, checked throw rugs and expressly Mid-Century Modern pieces all pointing to a certain clientele who dreams of Don Draper and/or blueblooded girls of independent means.This one is for the gentlemen out there.