For this, we’re down on our knees, begging baby please – don’t knock it down.

Situated in our favourite Perth ‘burb is this completely intact, never before sold beauty of such superb Modernist lines and features as to not be out of place in The Incredibles 1 or 2. We’d like to underline here that those fancy, hip new amenities including the local indoor pool and beachside Pimms joints (as pictured in the listing) share an architectural fraternity with this home, a pure Modernist elegance, which can never be replicated in some 4 million dollar, tinted window and grey rendered mansion some would desire in its place. If you must splash some cash then do it up. But do it up with sympathy and respect for we know it will pay off ten-fold when the rest of the hoi palloi finally cop on to the inherent quality of this residence and its historically Modern locale, in a far corner of the world.