We’ve been looking for some regional joy and it’s seems Colac has delivered this evening with an exquisite, ultimate lake front residence – woah nelly! Though not apparent to many, Colac with it’s slightly rural slide vibe is no stranger to pedigree Mid-Century Modernist domesticity, this lake locale is the site of at least one Robin Boyd house as well as a sprinkle of beauties such as this about town. And now we add another to the catalogue with unknown origins and ownership, but so clearly cared for and with a garden to rival any current-day output from a high-end landscape designer, we are simply dying to know more (anyone with the skinny- get in touch!). The purity of line and classic country genteel aura is perhaps only usurped by that dynamite copper rangehood, a kitchen requirement-cum-feature of which we have never been a fan (arh arh!) that is, until now. Indeed that entire kitchen complete with worn-out cork flooring is one for the pintrestboard/dream house photo folder. It all is really and so enticing, we may even take the drive to see it for ourselves.