Hold onto your sunvisors northern Modern fans, Brisbane’s purple patch just shifted up a gear with a residence of serious pedigree and beautiful condition. A 1965 commission for hometown favourite Vitaly Gzell (we’ve showcased him here and here before) which is duly confirmed by this home’s clear European daring and dash, not oft spied in Brissy homes of similar age. There’s not much we can articulate here that isn’t better conveyed in the images; a featherlight, horizontal, duel level design of alternatingĀ board, glazing and brick (and oh what brick! QLD we’ll happily concede no one works pale-toned masonry quite like your architects) with flashes of that aforementioned Euro-inclined, 1960s panache specifically the feature staircase, entertainer’s size kitchen (still blessedly original) and waist height raised fireplace (check the video).
This one is for the hipster elite of Brisvegas, we want to be assured this time next year it’s got a Fiat in the carport and a some lovers in the lounge room, for we’ll accept nothing less for its fate.