And the week opens with a boom reverberating across the Nullarbor as Perth puts forth from its golden Raymond Jones catalogue a residence (c.1957) which has undergone substantial work to become a veritable Mid-Century monster. Presented in full glory with more than a nod to the particularities of classic Palm Springs Modernism and its warm climate appropriate, indoor/outdoor focus including; a brand new kidney-shaped pool with adjacent conversation pit, bold formal landscaping, wild textiles, soaring ceilings, clean functionalist kitchen and an architectural stone fireplace to rule them all. And although seeing images of the original home, we can’t help feel a little achey at such huge changes (which we believe may have taken place under a few different owners and decades) we have to at least be thankful it continues within a similar spirit to its origins and wasn’t straight up bowled over, as so many in WA have been.This one is catnip for all the lookie-loos, idea hunters and dream-big types across the nation. Click away.