Yet another long-held family home hitting the market this week, this one a glorious exemplar of 1970s warmth and premier project home design which is now coming full circle, gathering appeal among those who vaguely recall such light-filled, brick and timber environs in their early childhood mind’s eye. Built in 1974 by project home company Civic Constructions, a burgeoning forerunner and rival for the Pettit & Sevitt audience (oh what we wouldn’t give for a bit more of this kind of competition today!), this is a beautifully intact version of their ‘X2’ design by architects Cocks Carmichael. With full deference to the winter sun, living spaces enticing in their earthy, elemental craftsmanship including timber ceilings, expanses of glazing and era specific joy such as cork kitchen flooring and Yves Kline Blue bathroom this particularly inviting residence has got the lot, ready to move in and feel like a well worn and loved home┬áinstantaneously .