Resplendent as it rests in the inner-city bosom of big money MCM. A commission for Drayton & Colman Architects (c.1964) for an obviously more ‘hip’ contingent of Melbourne’s captains of industry (well at least a little more tuned-in than those who opted instead to haunt the ghostly mansions of Hawthorn and Toorak) in the late 50s and early 60s. This one like so many of Studley Park was built by wealth, intended for family, sits virtually next to the Yarra and is less than 5kms from the CBD. A glorious, cream brick beauty standing straight as the day the original owners moved in and, like the Warrnambool listing, is a testament cum museum piece of old Melbourne glamour and style. We of course are naturally troubled, for although this area has many intact and wonderful MCM streetscapes, there are so many big homes being daily deformed into grotesque wedding cakes by dictator aesthetics, this home is not immune. Time we believe for the torch to be passed from the old hipster guard to the new. In this creative economy there are many minted kids out there partial to such homes, we just need to find one to step up and take on their classically Melbourne birthright.**

*Architects (apparently 2 of them!) as yet unnamed.

**C’mon! That Twin Peaks address alone is a siren call to the demographic we are calling upon…….