Photo by Brett Patman at Lost Collective

A building block of our cultural psyche, the illusory Waratah Park and its super Modern headquarters which had been lying idle, slowly being reclaimed by Duffeys Forest forest, has caught a break this week. Otherwise known as the homebase for the Hammonds: Sonny, Dad, Mark, token girl Clancy and the main event  – erstwhile, crimefighter macropod Skippy, this building was centrepiece of many childhoods spent in front of the box, burning a subconscious imprint of low-slung, stone-walled Modernism into the mindseye of an entire generation of Australia. In actual fact only intended as a set, the indisputable Mid-Cenutry cool of this building never really left us, and now with the push from the local residents association and Aboriginal Land Council has recieved some starting dollars to get its rebirth as a pop-culture and Indigenous centre going! Think global act local – isn’t that right Skip? 

BTW to itch your Skippy nostalgia scratch we highly recommend the full movie –Skippy and The Intruders’ (1969). A warm-hued burst of 1960s Australiana; the clothes, the lingo, the eye-brow raising wrongness – a sunny, childhood heads of the coin to the Wake in Fright tails, if you will. Our fav moment? The16 min. mark melding hot tips for cooking abalone with some rather stange subtext about men and earrings – tee hee!