A depressing dispatch from WA this week as Modernist Australian, Kristy, took a semi-regular mosey along North Beach, Perth, to take in one of her favorite slices of Modernist architecture  ‘Ash House’ (c.1957) only to reel in horror that it has been razed.
Well and truly noted on the local heritage survey, (though somehow not protected) this exquisite, boho beach-pad experiment is/was the work of by none other than architect, footballer and student of Boyd and Grounds – Raymond Jones. You may recall one of his Melbourne homes we listed last year which almost started a riot. Obviously the love hasn’t reached as far as our western shores, where this incredible steel-framed wonder with ply interiors, originals fittings and good condition – which would not be out of place in any high-architecture magazine today, a mere 62 years after the fact – was dealt a death blow by who knows what rancid dealings between council and owner. We note such destruction on the regular, but this one of such vision, location and pedigree particularly stings. May this be a melancholy reminder that we need to all keep sharper eyes on our old ones, the delicate ones and the quiet ones which can sometimes slip away before our very eyes.