Alright kids, take a deep breath and check. this. out. For those with the means and/or the dreams we have one of those rare (for Australia) residences with not only the pedigree, documented accolades, originality (aside from a some additions which can be remedied – that half-arsed ‘Balanese’ decor being the first to go) but also the location on par with of the best in the Mid-Century Modern world. A private subtropical lookout rivaling to anywhere from So Cal, Nor Cal, Mexico or the South Americas on which to commission a sensational, low slung, progressive design at the peek of architectural cool. Built in 1965, this large compound is a work by Brisbane architect John Dalton (a regular on MA as we have him here & here for starters) by Melbourne businessman Arnold Roberts. Though we don’t know his trade, suffice to say Roberts was clearly tuned-in with his era not only employing one of Queensland’s best architects at the time, but also Victorian landscaping figurehead Edna Wallings to set out the garden, a very interesting (and we are not sure how remnant) task, as we’re used to Wallings’ work of the bushland southern variety, but the tropical jungle scene? Not so much. But we digress, this residence was a show stopper from the get-go with a feature spread in Home Beautiful (which would well serve a new passionate owner as the best guide in peeling back some later changes and reinstating its stunning first blush) and remains a seriously breathtaking vision of architecture and location. We can already see the glorious lawn parties at sundown, bar by the pool, ‘Lujon’ on the player and light banter floating down the hill on the evening breeze……….sigh…….

PS- Big props to the agents here – with such a location this property could easily be pushed as a development op,  not so here and the inclusion of historical images commands some earnest kudos- bravo!