Today (based on some intel from locals) we were very concerned this elegant and historic (and protected) home was about to be surreptitiously demolished. Based on Melbourne’s recent history of such, it is not an unnatural fear for any MCM tragics to jump directly to panic stations at the first sign of cyclone fencing and a demolition notice.

However, we were wrong.

Having now been contacted by the owner it seems that there is a renovation planned, one which has thoughtfully been devised for the last couple of years, suggesting no evil doings but rather a considered enhancement of this home, within its heritage bounds.

“It is not being demolished, it has not been demolished, it is being renovated.  The place was purchased because of the owner’s love for that period of work and the work of the architect, Charles Weight.
We have taken 2 years designing an addition that is complementary to the existing house. That keeps with the ideals of Boyd and Weight, looking at using natural materials in their true form and bridging the inside and outside worlds with the use of windows and doors…..”

Lesson learned. 
And really all in all (although egg on our faces) this really is a Scooby-Doo ending for Australian Modernism in its native suburban surrounds. We offer our best wishes to the owners and to the future, further assured, of this wonderful residence.